Anger Issues

Anger is a pervasive problem in our culture today. Business men and women are angry at their leaders for not leading and at their followers for not following. They are angry at those who do not purchase their product or services, and angry at those who do purchase because they aren’t willing to pay the asking price or buy enough. They then take it … [Read More...]


Preparing for Christmas

How do you get ready for Christmas?  Put up a tree, lights, and buy presents?  We exhaust ourselves running to stores, parties and special events.  In trying to do so much we can fail to ‘make ready’ in the most important ways.  In the Gospel of Luke … [Read More...]

London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

‘Whatever Happens…’

Life is full of overwhelming challenges, struggles, disappointments, frustrations, and unexpected turns. And, if we are honest with ourselves, these are the most challenging times for our faith. When someone is ugly to us, we tend to be ugly back. … [Read More...]