10 22 14 Relationships

Relationships are Everything!

Relationships are THE most important thing in life, especially if you are a Christian leader. Dr. Day helps explain why relationships are key to spreading God's word.   If you have any questions on leadership for Dr. Day, email Shonnie Streder at sstreder@fumcshreveport.org. Share this with any leaders you know and make sure to … [Read More...]

Decide How to Decide

From Words to Action

Over the past three weeks we have focused on how to have a meaningful conversation based on Joseph Grenny’s book, Crucial Conversations.  A productive conversation creates a free flow of ideas into a shared pool of meaning.  But the only way people … [Read More...]


The Power of Stories

In critical moments, when crucial conversations arise with a supervisor, spouse, child, or friend, we need to pay attention to the stories we tell ourselves.  In the previous blogs I wrote about the need to ask ourselves clarifying questions:  What … [Read More...]