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Best Laid Plans

What happens when things don't go according to plan? How do you build in a margin of error but still achieve your goals?   If you have any questions on leadership for Dr. Day, email Shonnie Streder at sstreder@fumcshreveport.org. Share this with any leaders you know and make sure to join us at First United Methodist Church, … [Read More...]

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Making 2015 Your Best Year Ever!

When the new year starts, what will your focus be? How can you make sure to stick to those professional resolutions that you make? Here's Dr. Day with some tips to help ensure that 2015 is your best yet!   If you have any questions on … [Read More...]

The Angel Gabriel and Zechariah

Get Ready for Christmas!

How do you get ready for Christmas? Put up a tree, lights, and buy presents? We exhaust ourselves running to stores, parties and special events. In trying to do so much we can fail to ‘make ready’ in the most important ways. In the Gospel of Luke … [Read More...]