Dr. Day on Leadership – The Elephant

I am really bad with elephants. No, not the big grey ones at the zoo (I haven't had much experience with those); I'm talking about the invisible one that shows up when something that needs to be said isn't being said - the elephant in the room. Depending on the other people with me in the room at the time, I either ignore the issue or, even worse, … [Read More...]

Dr. Day on Leadership – Being Social

Social media is a way of life for a lot of people these days. When something happens we post it, blog it, tweet it, snap it... so forth and so on. When something good happens, it's great. We can share our joy with the world. When something bad … [Read More...]

Dr. Day on Leadership – Handling EmURGENTcies

This week, I had an emergency, or rather, what I thought was an emergency. I looked around only to find that no one was around to answer my question. No one... except Dr. Day. Now, anyone who knows Dr. Day, knows that he is constantly dealing with … [Read More...]