Framing Your Work

Have you ever got in your car and your heart sank as you turned toward work? During a certain period of my life when my heart would sink when I crossed a particular street heading to work. Work had become a terrible chore with no joy. I felt like a mercenary working for a paycheck without regard to the cause. If you haven’t experienced that, … [Read More...]


Dr. Day on Leadership – Does Your Boss Have an Ego?

I admit it, that title was to draw you in. I knew if I titled it "Do you have an ego?", you'd probably click away as soon as you could. Now, this post could be used to analyze the people around you (your boss included) OR you could take a minute to … [Read More...]

Dr. Day on Leadership – God Doesn’t Have Anything to do with It.

Let's face it, working in a church has perks. Nice people like to volunteer their time to help you with things. Sometimes, there's food left over from meetings. But one of the greatest perks, in my opinion, is not having to feel pressure when you … [Read More...]