You Can Talk to Me

In my experience, conflict in the workplace, if not treated immediately, can cause huge rifts in a company. What starts out as a minor annoyance, if left to marinate, can easily grow into a disease that destroys a team from the inside out. As a team member, it can be hard to air it all out, so to speak, without fear of repercussion. As a … [Read More...]

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Getting the Monkey Off Your Desk

In business, you'll often have someone come to you with an issue - "the monkey" - and then want you to deal with it. So how do you go about getting that monkey off your desk or keep it from being placed there in the first place? Dr. Day has some … [Read More...]

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Best Laid Plans

What happens when things don't go according to plan? How do you build in a margin of error but still achieve your goals?   If you have any questions on leadership for Dr. Day, email Shonnie Streder at … [Read More...]