Dr. Day on Leadership – Growing Pains

The middle. That's what I call that place in life where you've travelled far and can see your goals in the distance but you, by no means, have arrived. For those with hefty aspirations and goals, the middle can be a very dangerous place. It can leave us feeling insecure. "Am I doing everything I can?". "Do others see my potential?". "Will I ever … [Read More...]


How to Get Out of the Failure Cycle

We all fail. But when you fail over and over again, it can be frustrating. Is it possible that failure is because of you? How can you exit the failure cycle and get back on track? Dr. Day provides some insight.   If you have any … [Read More...]


Keep the Relationships – Solve the Problems!

Here are four things you can do to work through problems.  While there is no silver bullet for all situations and people require different approaches, these are some well proven techniques to resolving problems and keeping the … [Read More...]