I Bet You Think This Post is About You

I spent more time thinking about that post title than I should have. Hopefully, this post really is about you because it's about the humble leader. Check out this video to find out how Dr. Day describes a humble leader and see if you fit the bill. If you have any questions on leadership for Dr. Day, email Shonnie Streder at … [Read More...]

Be a Lovecat

Love in the Marketplace

What does genuine Christian love look like at work? Tim Sanders, former Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo, tells the story of Chris in Love Is The Killer App. Chris was a new officer called to the roundtable to hear another consultant’s presentation. … [Read More...]


Generosity Wins

There are two ways to approach the world: open-handed or close-handed. Many of us have grown up and worked around the close-handed. They seem to think that they have to hold on to what is there’s. They want to make sure they get their ‘fair share’ or … [Read More...]