Dr. Day on Leadership – Does Your Boss Have an Ego?

I admit it, that title was to draw you in. I knew if I titled it "Do you have an ego?", you'd probably click away as soon as you could. Now, this post could be used to analyze the people around you (your boss included) OR you could take a minute to really think about how you lead and see if you could change for the better. Watch this to see … [Read More...]

Dr. Day on Leadership – Fixing Your Foundation

Confession, I love home improvement shows. I seriously have not reached my limit of HGTV. There's something about people finding a place and making it into their own that I just find fascinating. There's one show I watch about people hunting for … [Read More...]

Dr. Day on Leadership – Taking the Me Out of Meeting

Leaders have meetings...lots of meetings. Meetings about ideas, meetings about the future, meetings about money, meetings about schedules and agendas and conflict and, if you're lucky, resolution. You get the picture. There are a lot of meetings. And … [Read More...]