Dr. Day on Leadership – Rules & Regulations

Check out this week's video from Dr. Day where he answers this question: Is it ever okay to break the rules? If you have any questions on leadership for Dr. Day, email Shonnie Streder at sstreder@fumcshreveport.org. Share this with any leaders you know and make sure to join us at First United Methodist Church, Shreveport for Worship … [Read More...]

Dr. Day on Leadership – It’s a Tough Call

Knowing God's timing is a difficult thing to master. In fact, I'm not sure if we can master it since we're not even sure if God's concept of time is the same as ours. Couple that with the fact that we mostly live by a schedule these days and keeping … [Read More...]


Anger Issues

Anger is a pervasive problem in our culture today. Business men and women are angry at their leaders for not leading and at their followers for not following. They are angry at those who do not purchase their product or services, and angry at those … [Read More...]