Dr. Day on Leadership – Fixing Your Foundation

Confession, I love home improvement shows. I seriously have not reached my limit of HGTV. There's something about people finding a place and making it into their own that I just find fascinating. There's one show I watch about people hunting for their first home on a tight budget. Their realtor takes them to a number of rundown places, they choose … [Read More...]

Dr. Day on Leadership – Handling EmURGENTcies

This week, I had an emergency, or rather, what I thought was an emergency. I looked around only to find that no one was around to answer my question. No one... except Dr. Day. Now, anyone who knows Dr. Day, knows that he is constantly dealing with … [Read More...]

Dr. Day on Leadership – Growing Pains

The middle. That's what I call that place in life where you've travelled far and can see your goals in the distance but you, by no means, have arrived. For those with hefty aspirations and goals, the middle can be a very dangerous place. It can leave … [Read More...]